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We are Create Tech Today Corporation. Our name describes perfectly what we do. We create technology that improves your quality of life or productivity today. What it does not describe is Who We Are. We are a group of individuals who care about our community and want to impact it in a positive way. With our skill sets we determined this was the best way to do just that.

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We  provide the best service and highest quality technology to our customers at the very lowest possible price. In an ever-increasing technological age We Believe access to technology is 100% necessary to live a normal and productive life. That's why with our sister company we donate a free computer to somebody in our community on a regular basis. It is important to us that we grow not only as people but as a community.

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When you shop with us you can rest assured that you will have a great experience every time. We warranty every item we sell for one year unless otherwise noted. There's no astrix on that statement. If anything goes wrong over the course of a year and you are still the owner we fix it or replace it guaranteed. No questions asked.

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If you have any questions, drop us a line. If you are looking for a something that you don't see here, ask us. We will get back to you soon and let you know if it is something we can find for you. 

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